At McCarthy Walsh, we can provide an overview of your business to ensure compliance and maximisation of reliefs and deductions avialble. To avail of a consultation, call our offices on 01 444 5260.

Taxation Accountant

Our taxation accountant has considerable experience in advising SME businesses and can provide a valued service to:


  • Ensure your business is compliant with relevant tax codes

  • Identify opportunities where you can minimise tax by availing of deductions and reliefs

  • Recommend tax efficient planning opportunities for your business

The range of taxes which our taxation accountant advises our clients on, includes:

The range of taxes which we advise our clients with include:

  • Income Tax

  • Corporation Tax

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Capital Acquisitions Tax

  • Subcontractors Tax

  • VAT

  • Payroll

Contact our taxation accountant to discuss your taxation requirements

  • Payroll Services

    Our managed payroll service has many benefits, including:

    • Greater control over your payroll processes
    • Compliance risk management
    • Greater accuracy
    • More control over costs
    • Time saving